For Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff & Alumni

Real Estate with Honors provides the students, faculty and staff of our partner institutions with a centralized location to learn about the off-campus housing search process and browse available off-campus apartments, rental houses, and other off-campus housing options listed by reputable local property owners and managers. The primary benefits to students, faculty, and staff of using the Real Estate with Honors service are highlighted below.

  • Free resource: Real Estate with Honors is completely free for students, parents, faculty, staff, and guests to use.
  • Time saver: Our database of rental apartments, condos, townhouses, and other rental properties are specifically targeted to the university population, eliminating the need to visit numerous other housing search websites and reducing the amount of time spent sifting through properties that are not relevant to university students, faculty, and staff.
  • Exclusive properties: By using our housing website, students gain access to exclusive rental properties that are only available on Real Estate with Honors.
  • Landlord screening: We screen every potential property owner or manager before they list their properties to help prevent fraud, poor quality properties, and dishonest landlord practices.
  • News bulletins: Real Estate with Honors provides a central location for students, faculty, and staff to find off-campus housing-related news, updates, and tips from their university.
  • Housing fairs: We work with our partner universities to organize and coordinate housing fairs, which provide students and local off-campus property managers a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face on campus. For students, faculty, and staff, these fairs provide an invaluable chance to explore a large number and variety of off-campus properties without stepping foot off campus!
  • Informational resources: Real Estate with Honors provides a wealth of online resources to educate students about the off-campus housing search process, including neighborhood and transportation information, safety tips, and various real estate renting and buying resources.
  • Dedicated support staff: Our dedicated support staff is available to answer housing-related questions and help students, faculty, and staff that are unable to find housing after searching our online listings.
  • Real estate agent referrals: Real Estate with Honors has prescreened several real estate agents in each of its markets that are available to help students who have trouble finding housing through Real Estate with Honors or have unique housing search requirements.