For Colleges & Universities

Real Estate with Honors is committed to becoming the premier provider of off-campus housing services to colleges and universities nationwide. Some of the primary services we provide to our partner universities are highlighted below.

  • Website development: Real Estate with Honors develops and maintains a customized university website for off-campus housing at no cost to the university.
  • Free resource: Real Estate with Honors is a completely free resource that our partner colleges and universities provide to help their students, faculty, and staff find off-campus housing.
  • Landlord screening: We screen every potential property owner or manager before they list their properties to help prevent fraud, poor quality properties, and dishonest landlord practices.
  • News bulletins: Real Estate with Honors provides universities with a central location to provide off-campus housing-related news, updates, and tips to the university population.
  • Dedicated support staff: Our dedicated support staff responds to all off-campus housing-related inquiries from students, faculty, and staff, allowing the university to reallocate human resources to other tasks and saving valuable university time and money.
  • Relationship management staff: Our relationship managers develop and cultivate relationships with local property owners and managers, ensuring that students, faculty, and staff have a large number and wide variety of high quality housing listings to choose from.
  • Free university listings: Our university partners may list on-campus housing options and university-owned or affiliated off-campus properties on the Real Estate with Honors housing site free of charge.
  • Marketing support: Real Estate with Honors develops customized marketing and promotional materials for its partner universities to promote our service in student welcome packets, on campus, and via email.
  • Housing fairs: We work with our university partners to organize and coordinate housing fairs, which provide students and local off-campus property managers a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face on campus.