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The Official Off-Campus Housing Listing Service Offered by LSU Health Shreveport

Looking to buy or rent in the Shreveport metropolitan area? LSU Health Shreveport Real Estate with Honors specializes in helping students, staff and faculty find off-campus housing. This free service is provided to help make your search for off-campus housing easy, fun, and informative. Follow our links to search for listings, get off-campus housing tips, list a property, learn about the area, special events, or how to contact us.  

Real Estate with Honors is an exclusive network of independent local real estate brokers, agents, property management companies, apartment complexes, developers and individual owners. Each participant must meet stringent qualifications and operating standards.

The properties listed on this website are represented by independent participants of the listing service. LSU Health Shreveport and Real Estate with Honors:

  • Do not inspect or offer any guarantee the condition or quality of listed properties or the accuracy of any information provided in this listing service.
  • Do not endorse any participant or any listed property.
  • Are not responsible for arrangement of rental or purchase contracts between tenants or buyers and landlords or sellers.
  • Are not responsible for, nor do we endorse or control any links that result from any housing referral.

LSU Health Shreveport and Real Estate with Honors have not independently verified the property information or the description provided and makes no warranty or representations about the accuracy or reliability of such descriptions. All property descriptions including, but not limited to, estimates of total square footage are based on information provided to Real Estate with Honors by the seller, listing broker or other third party sources. LSU Health Shreveport and Real Estate with Honors are not responsible for typographical errors, misprints, or inaccurate information provided by the seller or landlord, his/her agent, or any other third party. All prospective buyers and tenants are strongly encouraged to conduct an independent investigation into the properties advertised herein prior to entering into any purchase or lease agreement.